Acolytes are active and dedicated members of the church who are trained by the priest and a lay chair.  According to Church legend, the patron saint of acolytes is St. Vincent.  Vincent was both dependable and courageous in his service to the Lord, and those qualities of his character are today associated with the acolyte.  An acolyte, from the Greek word meaning “follower” or “one who serves”, is formally known as an attendant in the Church, its roots extending back to the 3rd century.

Acolytes carry out the sacred duties at the altar in the celebration of the Eucharist, in addition to other services of the Church such as baptism, confirmation, marriage, funeral, etc.  Acolytes also perform such duties as leading the processional as crucifer (cross bearer), lighting candles, and carrying torches in procession for the proclamation of the Gospel.  You must be in the 4th grade or above to become an acolyte.

Acolytes Rock!

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Acolytes are dedicated!

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Acolytes are dependable!

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Acolytes are leaders!


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