Altar Guild

Altar Guild work is a labor of love offered to God.  It is an honor and privilege to be an Altar Guild member and to serve God in His Church.  The Altar Guild is composed of dedicated women of the church.  The women work in groups each week under the guidance of a Directress. Members prepare the altar for all services by providing and arranging the altar flowers, changing the linens and all accessories, making sure the proper vestments are used for each service and assuring that the altar is vested for the occasion.  Altar Guild members also clean and care for the silver and brass, as well as the altar linens.  Altar Guild members are appointed by the Rector.

Our current Altar Guild Members are:

Directress – Maureen Davenport

Sarah Blume
Cindi Curtis
Anita Erickson
Margaret Ann Gaines
Greta Kennen
Lidia Longwater
Edna Marcus
Carol Nembrotti
Sheila Seale
Marywynne Shattuck
Karen Wilhelm
Vera Wilson


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