Study: Welcoming Congregation – Week 7

WEEK 7 – September 27, 2016 PART 2: The Fruits of Hospitality CHAPTER 7: Outreach STUDY NOTES Best Practices: Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm       Enthusiasm is viral – if your church members show is, others will catch it. Church members should be...

Study: Welcoming Congregation – Week 6

WEEK 6 – September 20, 2016 PART 2: The Fruits of Hospitality CHAPTER 6: Reconciliation STUDY NOTES Best Practices: Building Bridges Consider holding an event at your church that will bring two very different groups together for reconciliation. Join with members...

Study: Welcoming Congregation – Week 5

WEEK 5 – September 13, 2016 PART 1: The Roots of Hospitality CHAPTER 5: Small Groups STUDY NOTES Best Practices: Creating Small Groups Create core small groups within your congregation so  that individuals can make personal connections in intimate and honest...

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